5 Money Habits To Start Today

It can be quite hard to tell who is good with their finances and who isn’t. The type of signs that show someone is struggling with their money is if they talk about not being able to pay their phone bill or asking others to borrow money. These are signs of someone who is controlled […]

5 Reasons You Should Register To Vote

For those based in Great Britain, you are aware that a General Election is taking place on June 8th. Theresa May called this impromptu election who is currently working on making good negotiations for Brexit. However, due to her snap election, we now have a choice. In order to vote on June 8th, you must register to vote […]

6 Ways To Make Money In 2017

As we are five months into 2017, January may have started well with affirmations for our finances, however, it may be a struggle keeping up with them. As the summer months begin to creep in for students, the student loan may begin to decrease and your bank account may start to run dry.   Having […]

Pay Yourself First

Saving is smart. It’s one of the golden rules of good personal finance management; save, save and save some more. We save for future goals. We save to build wealth. We save for financial security. We save for the ‘rainy day’. Well, at least that’s what we should be doing. However, are we thinking about […]