• Debt
  • How To Get Out Of Debt

    Earlier this year, Citizens Advice UK published a report summarising that the number of young adults getting trapped in a horrendous debt spiral has soared in the last decade with debt issues (minus student loan debt) increasing by over 20% in the last year alone. Debt is a real problem that needs to be dissected, […]

  • Career
  • An Interview with Kate Thornton


    Kate Thornton is an English journalist and TV presenter. She was the first presenter on X Factor and she’s also presented on Loose Women and This Morning. Kate Thornton has had the opportunity to have 3 different careers and now she has launched TBSeen, the cashback and vouchers shopping deal site. Refined Currency had the […]

  • Money
  • 5 Money Myths Exposed

    money myths

    Gaining a good understanding of money can seem complicated. There is not always a right or wrong thing to do however it’s important to know certain things so you don’t spend more than in necessary. Between paying off debt early to seeing a sale sign, here are five money myths to reconsider. 1. Early Student […]

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  • Visible Women Rising Event

    Visible Women Rising

    Visible Women is a leadership campaign that exists to combat the distinct lack of female role models and mentors in senior roles and male-dominated industries. Their vision is to create a world where women and girls can find role models and mentors in the careers they are interested in. Their mission is to raise aspirations; […]