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  • 5 Lessons From Millionaires


    It’s natural that we are always looking for ways to create better financial situations for ourselves. ‘How can I achieve more financial success?’ may have crossed your mind. ‘How can I become rich?’ may be another question you’ve asked. It’s one thing to become rich but it’s another thing to sustain a certain amount of […]

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  • How To Deal With Work Stress


    Dealing with stress is a golden key to a balanced life. Uncontrolled stress can be detrimental to your career and working relationships. Therefore, dealing with stress in your daily working life can put you on a stable pace and reinforce your personal life. Keeping the balance in your working life will spur the development of […]

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  • The Referendum Simplified


    If you’re not politically savvy or you aren’t sure what’s going on with Britain in regards to the EU, here is a quick guide to get you up to speed.   What’s this referendum about?  A referendum is when everyone who can vote says yes or no to a question. The question we have to answer […]

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  • 6 Reasons Networking Is Important

    group of business folk / all networking together / to generate cash

    Technology, work structure and the overall landscape of business are changing very rapidly. Even if you decide to change the direction of your career or start to engage with different kinds of projects, there are skills that stay with you and enhance your career growth. Here are reasons why you should be networking frequently. 1. Networking […]

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  • How To Negotiate A Salary


    The process of finding a job can be very challenging. Searching for the right job for you, applying for it, interviewing for it, and then the last stage of, considering the offer of employment and the negotiation of your salary. Negotiating your salary may strongly depend on your experience level. However, even if you are […]