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  • Visible Women Rising Event

    Visible Women Rising

    Visible Women is a leadership campaign that exists to combat the distinct lack of female role models and mentors in senior roles and male-dominated industries. Their vision is to create a world where women and girls can find role models and mentors in the careers they are interested in. Their mission is to raise aspirations; […]

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  • 5 Ways To Save For Christmas


    Christmas is around the corner and between now and then it can be painfully expensive. There are also a lot of birthdays and events to go to in between however you don’t want to start off the New Year with financial woes. Here are a few things you can do and decisions you can make […]

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  • 5 Money Tips For Fresher’s


    You’ve paid the rent for your accommodation for the new term. Check. You’ve bought your sparkling new pots and pans. Check. You’ve done an online ASOS shop and bought those items you’ve been pining for. Check. You’ve paid for your weekly shop. Check Now you check your account balance and it’s a lot lower than you […]

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  • 7 Ways To Stay On Top Of Your Emails


    Initially, when you created your email, it wasn’t as complicated and there may have been less clutter. Now, email has become part of our daily lives and is a key way to communicate. Too many emails can cause your workload to feel overbearing however with these efficient tips you should be able to work in […]