An Interview with Kate Thornton

Kate Thornton is an English journalist and TV presenter. She was the first presenter on X Factor and she’s also presented on Loose Women and This Morning. Kate Thornton has had the opportunity to have 3 different careers and now she has launched TBSeen, the cashback and vouchers shopping deal site. Refined Currency had the […]

7 Ways To Stay On Top Of Your Emails

Initially, when you created your email, it wasn’t as complicated and there may have been less clutter. Now, email has become part of our daily lives and is a key way to communicate. Too many emails can cause your workload to feel overbearing however with these efficient tips you should be able to work in […]

4 Ways To Prepare For University

There is a sense of freedom that comes with going to university. University is a phenomenal experience, but it also comes with a lifestyle change. You are responsible for everything that occurs within your University career including whether you attend your lectures, how you manage your finances, social life, and mental health. Here are 4 […]