For over 3 years, the Refined Currency team has helped people get on top of their finances. Whether it’s saving, asking for a raise, clearing debt or boosting your credit score, we have helped hundreds of people make better money decisions. Now, we want to help you budget better.

This budget has been created to give you an overview of what to budget for in advance of getting paid and it offers a great way to track what you’ve actually spent in alignment with your forecasted budget. Budgeting is key, it’s vital to your financial stability and your mental health to be on top of your money matters.


Please follow the instructions below. The purchase link is at the bottom of the page.

**Once, you’ve made your payment, return to this page and click “RGC Budget” to attain your download.**

Please note, this should be downloaded from your desktop/laptop/Macbook. This download is currently not compatible with phones or tablet devices.  Please email refinedcurrency@gmail.com if there are any problems.