Meet The Team


Founder and Editor

Bola Solanke founded Refined Currency in 2015. After studying Mathematics and Finance at university she realised how few women were in the conversation when it came to finance. The finance sector is dominated by men and wanted to change that. Each time she attended a networking event, she was surrounded by men. She realised that there needed to be more information available about personal finance and she started Refined Currency. Bola also contributes regularly to Refined Currency.

Her personal blog Bola on finance, feminism, and fashion can be found here.

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Melisa Jones

Marketing Director and Editor

Melisa works in the Advertising industry. She is a passionate foodie and a firm believer in encouraging women to thrive in the business world.

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Content Contributor

Freda is a dance graduate who is on her way to obtaining a masters degree in dance therapy. She’s also a lifestyle writer and poet who loves engaging in deep thought and living the virtual life with sims. More about Freda can be found here.


Project Manager

Joy is a Pharmacy graduate completing her pre-registration year. After receiving her license, she is looking for the fastest route to early retirement. She loves bullet journaling, watching TED talks and gorging on plantain.


Content Contributor

Linsey is currently a Law student in Scotland. She enjoys eating out and working out. She is passionate about helping others reach their goals. She has started a blog for students to help them with their personal finance and how to balance being a student and having a life.