How To Turn Your Blog Into A Business

Starting Refined Currency came from noticing how little knowledge was available when it came to understanding our money matters. This website has been built on the foundation of being jargon-free from financial terms in order to make your personal finances feel more personal. The key to starting a blog is figuring out what you would […]

Pay Yourself First

Saving is smart. It’s one of the golden rules of good personal finance management; save, save and save some more. We save for future goals. We save to build wealth. We save for financial security. We save for the ‘rainy day’. Well, at least that’s what we should be doing. However, are we thinking about […]

5 Helpful Money Habits

There are various studies that indicate how long it takes to break old habits and form new ones. Just like thoughts, habits can be created for the better. Better money habits can mean a better way of living for now and in the future. If you’re looking for new habits that will be beneficial to […]