Money & Mental Health

mental health

Misha M, 24-year-old Therapist, talks debt, spending habits, and why we need to start talking about money Money can cause us to have an array of emotions and it’s important to address these emotions as they arise. Bola Sol, the founder of Refined Currency, took the opportunity to ask an experienced therapist, Misha M about […]

Teaching Kids About Money

One of the good aspects of being financially savvy is the ability to teach it to the people around. You can teach anybody around you; colleagues, neighbours, friends and most importantly the kids around you. Kids look differently at things you have experienced long before. They are creative, impulsive, curious and extremely new to everything. […]

Saving Account Options

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In the event you haven’t started to save yet, here is your guide on how to start saving. If you have debts such as an overdraft, credit cards, loans etc then it may be in your best interest to getting this paid off first. This is because the interest on the debts are probably costing you […]