3 Career Tips For Young Professionals

1. Socialise


Being the one who always goes home when everyone is going out for drinks will keep you out of the loop. “I’m not social.” is not enough of a reason to wave goodbye whilst the others are going to the pub. Work socials are a key place to find out great information. Great information isn’t who is in a relationship or who got fired. Great information is how X climbed the ladder or how they negotiated a pay rise. It’s also good to keep a balance at work socials as there’s always one who has one too many drinks and becomes the centre of “office gossip”.

2. Aim Higher Than Imagined


It’s been said many times that a woman will see 70% of what she can do but focus on the 30% and not apply for a job. Start giving more credit to your strengths than your weaknesses and apply for the jobs you really want. Applying for the jobs you dream about will boost your confidence and make you realise your potential. Even if the job seems out of reach, remember that that feeling may just be down to your mentality. Apply anyway, you may just surprise yourself.

3. Office Talk


There’s nothing wrong with having a joke with work colleagues but nobody wants to be seen as the unserious one at work. Spending hours on YouTube, constantly gossiping and laughing loudly will give any person the unserious title. If you know you want to set yourself apart from the unserious crowd but still be in the good grace of others, suggest grabbing lunch together to talk about more informal matters. As for your work, create a meeting with your manager to talk about your performance and let them know that you’d like to improve. Showing initiative without instruction shows senior management that you’re serious about your development.

If you want to build your career path, don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of that.

This post was written by Bola

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