5 Signals That Show You Need A New Job

There are no set rules that let us know when it is time for us to hand in our notice and look for a new job. Sometimes it may be a gut feeling or sometimes it may be a few indicators at work that show us we need to review our CV. Here are a few signals that may show you that you need a new job.

1. You Hate Monday

If you hate the idea of going to your job after a great weekend off this is a key indicator in showing that you may be in need of a new change of employment. It’s important to ask yourself, “Do I hate working in general or do I dislike my job?” If it is the latter and you are dreading going into work then it’s time to explore your options.

2. You Aren’t Learning Anything New

Of course, there is always something to learn. However, with some jobs, the novelty of being a novice in your position wears off. Once you become an expert at your job you may notice that you are doing your duties with a lot more ease and in a more time efficient manner. After you have reached that milestone of being able to do your job with your hands tied behind your back, you are ready to climb to the next point. However, room for growth at your work place may be infrequent and you feel like you have reached the pinnacle of your skills.


3. You’re Taking On More Responsibility For The Same Salary

If you feel the workload is increasing but there has been no conversation about a change in pay, it is never a good sign. Sure your employer is able to make cut backs as a result of your help but it is costing you as well. It may cost you more of your social life meaning a worse off work-life balance or may cost you emotional distress if you feel undervalued.

4. Your Input Is Overlooked

Filling out an evaluation form can feel very pointless if what you are writing doesn’t make a difference. Every business/company you work for should have a system in place where you can express your concerns and views about the workplace. Some employers don’t take the opinion of staff as seriously as they should and this often leads to lower staff morale. Not being heard after several attempts usually means no changes are going to take place.

5. People Are Losing Their Jobs

There are many reasons why people are made redundant. Some involve the company becoming insolvent, the economy is facing a crisis or your employers business is taken over. Whatever the reason is, spot the signs from early on and start to plan your next steps from there.


This post was written by Bola

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