6 Reasons Networking Is Important


Technology, work structure and the overall landscape of business are changing very rapidly. Even if you decide to change the direction of your career or start to engage with different kinds of projects, there are skills that stay with you and enhance your career growth. Here are reasons why you should be networking frequently.

1. Networking will improve your communication skills and scale up your presentation skills by introducing yourself, your elevator pitch and your ideas.

2. Networking will enable you to engage more with your business partners, colleagues and will provide more aspects of conducting personal relationships. Your business circle may be able to provide feedback and referrals that will help you in the long run.

3. You can also take your relationship to a mentoring level. Business people with more experience who have been successful with their endeavours can assist you in shaping your own career path and reaching your business targets. Mentors also find it beneficial for their own business to have mentees to get new and fresh ideas.

4. Learning new things from other business people and talking about business is another aspect of the networking process. You can learn about new innovations, different products, new solutions and get inspired to adopt new innovations for any projects or businesses you choose to venture into.

5. Socialising also counts as a positive aspect of networking. Nowadays, everything is social and you share a lot about your personality and your business on the web (e.g. LinkedIn) and having the opportunity to do it in real terms by gaining new friends is more engaging, entertaining and productive.

6. Moreover, as an extension of six degrees of separation rule- which is a general rule about that there are never more than six people between you and the person you want to talk to-networking enhances your accessibility to the person you want to meet and talk to.

While networking it’s always vital to be polite, honest and memorable. Present who you are in a concise manner, what services/skills you provide, and the best way to stay in contact with you. When you help others, they will also help you in return. At the end, all these two-way street will shape a helpful relationship and construct a good network.


This post was written by Kiako

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