7 Tips To Elevate Your Career


Success is often noted to be down to two things: connections and skill. Once you’ve acquired both of these things you are more likely to perform better in every aspect of your career. Hard work is essential but mastering the art of networking as well as building a portfolio of skills is also important. Here are some tips to help you get a boost in your career.

  1. Find A Mentor

It is key, at the beginning of your career, to find someone that can guide you through the murky world of business. A mentor is excellent for imparting not only advice but also additional support during the early stages of your career. They can also provide contacts and access to events that you would not be privy to until a later stage in your career. Furthermore, having a mentor within the company helps when it comes to promotions as they can provide a great reference to your superiors. More companies are investing in mentoring programmes so find out how you can get involved. If your company does not offer such programmes you should still make your interest known to someone you respect highly within the office for mentorship.

  1. Expand Your Network

Networking is a talent that you must learn to execute and it helps to constantly keep in contact with anyone you meet that could benefit your career. You can meet influencers of the industry anywhere. Great locations would be conferences, company brunches and outings. When in the presence of someone you would like to work with, make it a point to ask insightful questions in order to receive quality answers. Don’t just ask something in order to communicate with a senior, approach them with a conversation that has a purpose. Furthermore, have a positive and respectful manner regardless of the company as you never know who could be a beneficial contact in the future.

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  1. Self Investment

There has been a detrimental idea that people, in particular, women, have to ‘talk down’ their personality. However, if you have an excellent personality trait such as humour or intelligence you should find a way to display it in a professional manner. Likewise, make it known to your employer that you have had previous success in different fields outside of the workplace. If you are seeking a promotion then keep a catalogue of work that you’ve successfully done and make your progress in the company known to your boss so that they are always aware of your growth.

  1. Acquire New Skills And Knowledge

It is also imperative that you keep growing as a person and not just in the company. Don’t wait for training days in order to learn new things that could benefit your career. Instead, take days out on the weekend to read a new book on marketing strategies, finances or business. Look on the internet for articles and such forth that can help you constantly do better. Furthermore, you can enrol in online classes or attend a seminar on a topic that correlates to your career field. Either way, be constantly seeking knowledge regardless of your position within the workplace as you can always improve.

  1. Build A Relationship With Your Manager

Most employees have difficult relationships with their bosses as they often see them as prison wardens rather than people. However, your boss has a great deal of power and it would majorly benefit you to have a great working relationship with them. Rather than constantly bringing problems to your manager, come to them with solutions and ideas that could improve the workplace. Additionally, you can speak to your manager first about how to get a promotion or the potential roadblocks that are hindering your chances of advancement. Lastly, experts recommend getting to know the interests of your boss through conferences, work parties and such forth in order to build a better rapport.

  1. Always Be A Team Player

There is a popular and often clichéd saying that ‘teamwork makes the dream work’. Although an overused phrase it is true that the effort you put in the team will help achieve the goals that you’re trying to accomplish quicker. At the end of the day, everyone in the team is working towards the same objective, therefore, it would help to lean on each other for support and growth. Moreover, there are certain skill sets or knowledge that your co-workers possess that you can tap into in order to improve your own position. So don’t isolate yourself in the quest for success but instead use those around you in order to grow.

  1. Improve & Evaluate

Often enough in business we don’t get the positions that we want and have to wait until a similar opportunity arises in order to advance. However, if you have been passed over for a promotion do a thorough evaluation of your performance and seek advice on how you can improve. If you can implement changes and keep a record of your contribution to the company then you will be in a better position to seek that promotion again. Nevertheless, don’t be disenchanted by the failure of your first attempt but instead, regroup and try again.


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