How to Power Dress


There are specific clothing styles for every occasion, every culture, every business environment and every season. The one common element to it is that every woman wants to keep her own style and femininity regardless of the occasion type and weather conditions. Below are some recognised power stylings when it comes to business environment to look as professional as you are.

Colour It

Contrary to the corporate colours of grey, black and dark blue, bright and strong colours can add more power to your look such as red, blue, white, orange and floral prints of your suits. Colour can also be added to your accessories, bright colours of scarfs can add a more personal touch, vibrancy and an energetic outlook to your business attire.

Keep it Simple

Everybody has a different personality and different tastes. When it comes to a business setting, your dressing should focus on your professional side. Therefore oversized accessories that you like to wear at weekends can be replaced with simple, elegant and classy accessories.

Style with Fit

Regardless of your choices, you should insist on finding a tailored fit for yourself. Well fitting, tailored clothing emphasises your choice of colour, the model of your clothing and your body type. Moreover, it will feel more comfortable in a busy work life.

Shoes and Bags

Possibly these are the most playful additions to your style. They should complement your look as an undertone but they should be very functional simultaneously. The bag size should not be very big or very small that may consist all your necessary devices such as phone, i-pad, meeting notes, calendar and so on. Likewise, shoes should be stylish yet very comfortable to be able to move around the clock and follow your own schedule. A black pair of comfortable pumps is always a good choice.

Suit Up

Regardless of your industry, you should power dress for the right occasion by wearing a neat suit. A classic cut with a lightweight fabric r will fit most of the occasions by illustrating a classic and neat outlook. If you are unsure about the fitting, keep the skirt length above the knee and pant length below the ankle. For a matching shirt, go for an ivory or a white shirt.

Minimal Make-up

Minimal, neutral tones make up will match any colour and model of your clothing style. And if you want to add more colours to your makeup, a red lipstick may complement your look.

Keep A Neat Look

Be clean and keep your clothes groomed and your hairstyle in a clean shape. Moreover, your business wardrobe should reflect your personality and it should be attuned to your mood. Remember, how you want to be addressed should be clear from how you dress.

This post was written by Kiako.

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