8 Ways To Beat Monday Blues

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It’s Sunday night, and you’re preparing for the eventful week ahead of you. You know Monday is fast approaching and dreading what is to come. Stop. Rewind and change your thinking. Everyday should be treated with the same feeling! The enthusiasm you have on a Friday; when you know the weekend is approaching, you should honour Monday with the same attitude. So here’s 8 ways to beat those Monday blues.

1. Plan Your Week Ahead

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You know the approaching week is going to be busy, but don’t let things get on top of you. Spend time organising yourself and your agenda for the week. Make a to-do list, book a fitness class, schedule a dinner/drinks with friends – this will keep you busy outside of work/studying. If you’re making healthy choices, plan your meals in advance and prepare them. Planning will de-clutter your mind, and make better use of your time.


2. Relax On A Sunday

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Most people enjoy relaxing on a Sunday, going to church or spending time with their family. Use Sunday as your rest day if you’ve had a busy week and you’re preparing for another. Take a long bath, go for a walk, meditate or do some yoga… Try not to do anything that will keep your working on your days of rest.

3. Identify The Problem

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Have you ever considered that the reason why you feel so glum on a Monday morning is because you dread going into your place of work or maybe someone makes you feel uncomfortable. Whatever the issue is, you should acknowledge it and do something to better your position and put your mind at ease, even if that means confronting the problem face on or working on resolution.

4. Don’t Skip Breakfast

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Always make time for breakfast! We need the morning fuel to get us through the day (breaking fast from the night before). If you don’t manage to eat before a busy day, you may notice a change to your mood if your body is craving food or you may feel tired. If you find you’re always rushing to leave in the mornings, buy something you can store at your desk like oats, cereal or granola or pick up something on your way into the office. Your body will thank you for it. Check out some tasty breakfast recipes here:

Pinch Of Yum

Minimalist Baker

5. Exercise!

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If you have some spare time in the morning or evening on the weekends, do a little workout whether that involves you going for a run, doing a gym session or using your space at home. Exercise is known to improve your mood, so don’t procrastinate or avoid fitting in a 30 mins of fitness. Team up with a friend so you have a fitness pal to work together, after exercise you’ll feel ready for the day.

6. Highlight What You’re Thankful For

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Taking time to remind yourself what you’re thankful for, is sometimes all we need to keep moving in the right direction. Make a list on your phone, notepad or out loud of anything that you are grateful for such as your job, family, being financially free. You can even speak things that you want to happen into existence. Making this into a habit will motivate you to be positive and will certainly give you a better start to a new week.

7. Indulge In Yourself 

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Put yourself first. Give yourself some time and take control of your feelings. Turn on your favourite Beyoncé song and sing it loud and proud! Treat yourself to something you’ve had your eye on, challenge yourself to learn something new or have a cheeky glass of wine in the evening. Use your time before the new week commences to be good to yourself. Remember your worth.

8. Sleep Well

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Lastly, be sure to get a good nights sleep. On average we should try and sleep for at least 7-8 hours a night. So many things keep us awake at night for longer than we need to… Unfinished conversations, half way through our favourite Netflix series or catching up social media. Try and disconnect from technology at least an hour before you sleep and avoid using your phone in bed. Take some time to relax your mind, maybe read a book or use some time to reflect. You’ll wake up the following day feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead!

This post was written by Melisa Jones.


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