How Multi Tasking Is Affecting Your Productivity

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We live in a society where ‘multi-tasking’ is widely praised, however multi-tasking can actually be damaging to productivity. At a young age, we learn how to juggle many things at once such as being on our laptop, whilst eating dinner and watching TV.

Although multi-tasking may be a way of living for most individuals, it’s not always the most productive or effective way of working. It’s can be less efficient since the brain needs to switch gears for each new task, and then back to the old task. It’s more complicated, you’re more likely to get stressed and make errors that could have been avoided if you were focusing on just one task. Rather than multi-tasking, try ‘single-tasking’.

Become Conscious

Our brains tend to wonder off when we are focused on a task, however, it’s important that we get back on track. When you begin something, become aware of what you’re doing, paying attention is the first step.

Practice Mindfulness Through Meditation

Mindfulness meditation has been around for thousands of years and research has proven that it is indeed beneficial. So how can this help you when you are focusing on one task? According to Perspective on Psychological Science studies show practising mindfulness through meditation can improve self-awareness, body awareness and regulation of emotion and attention.

Get Rid Of Distractions

The smartphone in this day and age is one the biggest distractions when it comes to productivity. From social media to games to text messages all play a part in distracting you from your work. Even having multiple tabs open on Google Chrome can be a big distraction. If you’re writing emails for example, close every tab except the email tab and simply focus on that.

Commit 100% To Whatever Task You’re Doing

Really sit there and think whether you commit 100% to your tasks. At times you might and other times you won’t but the key is consistency. The more you focus on one task and commit to it 100% the quicker you’ll be done with that task and on to the next.

Keep A Note Pad Beside You When Other Things Come Up
Things will always come up when focusing on a single task. In order not to get sidetracked have a notepad nearby and write things down when you remember them. Once it’s written down you can go back to focusing on the task at hand and you don’t have to worry about forgetting what was on your mind.
In the pursuit of a more productive life, remain focused.

This post was written by Freda.

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