5 Tips To Boost Your Energy

How do you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day? You might have a glass of water, meditate or exercise. You might even write in your gratitude journal, but what do you do to make sure you’ve had a ‘good sleep’?

We live in a fast paced society but in order to feel ready to tackle the day, we need to be energised through good rest. You may have heard that some people can function on less than 7/8 hours, however not being well rested can impact on your productiveness and more importantly your wellbeing.

Sleep is a time of intense neurological, memory consolidation, brain and neurochemical cleansing and cognitive maintenance. Properly appraised, our sleeping time is as valuable a commodity as the time we are awake. In fact, getting the right amount of sleep enhances the quality of every minute we spend with our eyes open.” – Ariana Huffington, The Sleep Revolution.

So how can you improve the quality of your sleep?

Create a sleep schedule

It is tempting to work hard or sacrifice sleep, by playing catch up during the weekends. Instead of putting yourself through that, create a schedule– so that you wake up and go sleep the same time every single day, (including the weekends too). The schedule will keep your biological clock intact; helping you feel well rested and energised ready to take on the day.

Eliminate stress

Your bedroom should act as sanctuary of calmness. When you enter your room, leave all negative situations behind the door. The four walls surrounding you, should emit harmony and happiness. Light a candle, run a hot bath or meditate to relax your mind before you sleep. Stress can impact us in many ways, and we should face it head on to avoid it affecting us daily.

‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode

Let’s admit it, we can all get distracted by technology and the social world. Sometimes we could all use a break from our phones, tablets and laptops. Set your phone to ‘do not disturb’, so after a certain time in the evening you don’t receive notifications and constant buzzing distracting you from focusing on yourself. According to Business Insider, using your electronic gadgets at night can delay our sleep, which messes with our internal clocks. Instead, pick up a paperback and stimulate your mind with a good book.

Introduce a night-time routine

If you haven’t got a set routine for your evenings, introducing one may help you feel better rested. Once you come in from work or school, prioritise what you need to do before you wind down for bed. Don’t miss out on dinner, as the next time you eat will be the following day. Write your to-do list for the next day, use a face mask so you can have some pamper time in the evenings. Slow down your thoughts and relax.

Avoid eating sugar before bed

If we have a sugar overload before bed, when we wake up we will feel sluggish and not energised. Avoid sweet drinks, and instead drink herbal teas such as peppermint, green or camomile. After your dinner if you drink plenty of water, you will feel full and it won’t be necessary to indulge on treats. Maintaining a healthy diet, will make your body feel energised. So if you are having cravings in the night, opt for low-sugar fruits such as berries, apples or even just plain yoghurt.

Do you have any tips for boosting your energy? Share them with us in the comments below.

This post was written by Freda.

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