4 Ways To Be Less Anxious About Money

Since Refined Currency spoke with a therapist about money, it has become more apparent that money is one of the top factors that can cause stress and anxiety.

A healthy relationship with money is what we all desire. When we feel anxious about money it may cause us to become less sociable and it may affect our emotions negatively both personally and professionally. Regardless of your current money situation, here are 4 ways to curb your money worries.

1. Identify The Cause

The best way to find a solution to your financial worry is to understand the problem. Money on its own doesn’t cause anxiety, there are usually underlying factors that create the issue.

Example 1:

Source: Everyone within your department has been made redundant

Problem: This may cause worry in regards to keeping up rent payments

Solution: Start looking for a new job as soon as possible, begin to save more and put more in your emergency fund and temporarily reduce luxury expenses

2. Don’t Compare Your Financial Journey

Seeing people on Snapchat going out to dinner again or seeing them go on another holiday can trigger you into believing that others are doing very well financially whilst you are facing some challenges. With the various streams of social media, there is always good news and bad news available that can make you question whether or not you are on the right track.

What is often forgotten on social media is that we show the best parts of our lives and keep the other parts private. If you find yourself subconsciously comparing your life to others on social media, renew your mentality and stop comparing what you see online to your situation offline. Another recommendation may be to take a break from social media.

3. Review Your Spending

At times it can feel as if all the money we earned goes out quicker than it comes in. However, if you keep a regular track of where your money is going you can outline your habits and start making better financial decisions. When you live without budgeting or checking up on how you’re using your money, stress can be induced the moment you realise you are not aware of what financial position you are in.

Check your bank balances regularly and review your spending often. Creating discipline in this area of your life can help reduce stressful feelings towards money.

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4. Overall, Keep A Positive Mindset About Money

Having money worries can cause feelings of negativity towards your personal finances. When you have bills or debt to pay, money may appear to be a burden. During the times it’s important to remember all the positives about having money too.


  • Going on holiday with family and friends
  • Being able to finally buy that bag that you’ve wanted for over a year
  • Helping someone you love with any financial burdens they may have

Once you start to make progress with financial issues, reward yourself for taking care of your situation. It may be beneficial to keep the rewards in moderation to avoid getting yourself back into financial issues.

Remember that everyone experiences financial afflictions. Through financial hardships, create the discipline to help resolve the problem and continue to perceive money as a positive factor in your life.


This post was written by Bola

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