How To Be Healthy On A Budget

Being healthy can be deemed as costly, especially when you have to invest money into organic food and the like. However the cost of living a healthy lifestyle should not make you question investing in your wellbeing.

Here are some tips on how to be healthy whilst saving money:

#1 Write a weekly food plan and shopping list

Set a reminder on your phone, so that you know when you need to sit and plan ahead. Create a menu for each week, in this way you will not spend money on things you do not need and stick to particular meals. Once you have a menu prepared, you can then write a list of groceries. Search through the fridge and check your cupboards, to ensure that you are not doubling up on certain necessities.

#2 Look out for supermarket offers

Before you head to the shops, check online to see if there are any offers that will help you cut costs on your shopping. This will save you some time and money, as you will know what to look out for in the supermarket. You may come across some food items in the reduced section. Don’t be discouraged to buy reduced items, you can freeze these items or cook them on the day. MySupermarket is the perfect one-stop shop to compare prices across grocery stores online and in-store; accessible online or through the app.

#3 Swap for healthy alternatives

Instead of eating carb heavy meals, opt for more vegetables in your meals. Swap rice for sweet potato or chickpeas. Dairy alternatives are becoming more and more popular. In your tea or porridge, swap cows milk for coconut milk. It has a much sweeter taste and is still good for you.

#4 Save money in other areas

If you find that you dine out very often, try to cut back on wasting money. Offer to cook for your friends. This way you can save money and entertain in the comfort of your own home. With regards to fitness, if your gym membership is expensive, try and look for a cheaper gym with good facilities. Look for memberships that do not require a rolling contract, and no fees. Cut down on buying your Starbucks coffee at work. Purchase your own coffee or herbal tea and make it at work, this is a much cheaper option.

#5 Make use of the freezer

Use your freezer to preserve what food you can. If you batch cook your meals, some of them can be frozen and defrosted when required. Buying your vegetables frozen works out cheaper and will make cooking much easier. Therefore don’t have to worry about wastage with the food going bad.

#6 Stay organised and avoid wasting money

Lastly, stick to your menu for the week and try to not waste money on food or treats. You will thank yourself for it, when you how much money you are saving. If you are making lifestyle changes, remember to not beat yourself up. You are in control and can make this work for yourself. Making a start is what counts and it will become easier. Living a healthy lifestyle can come at a cost, but you can make it work for yourself.

Motivate yourself to stay on track and if it works better for you plan a few weeks ahead. Cheat days are great, however you should try to not overindulge. Do not waste your hard work, and remind yourself that you are trying to save money.

Do you have any tips on how to stay healthy on a budget? Leave us a comment below, or connect with us on social media.


This post was written by Melisa

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