A Conversation With A 23 Year Old Homeowner

A conversation took place on Friday evening with an inspiring and motivated young homeowner, Jade Vanriel, who definitely embodies Refined Currency’s motto. Jade Vanriel defines what it means to be The New Age of Women and Money.

For those that don’t know you, please introduce yourself.

I’m a 23-year-old vlogger from London that studied Law. I work in the legal industry but decided not to pursue a career as a lawyer, mainly because I felt like there was something else out there for me that I’d be more passionate about. I started vlogging on YouTube because I wanted to express myself in a different way. I never thought of myself as someone who would inspire others but by sharing my journey; I’ve ended up doing just that.

When did you decide you were actively going to save for a house?

Actively, it was during university however I’ve always saved. This is something I need to get across to people reading this. I’ve always saved. I’ve worked since I was sixteen, I’ve always been a workaholic. I’ve always had the goal of getting a house. My parents instilled this into me. I didn’t know when it would be but it was always my goal. I already had some savings but I made an active decision to seriously put money away for a house in my last year at university. When I decided I wanted to get a job instead of undergoing postgraduate study I knew buying a house was something I wanted to make a priority.

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Where does your discipline come from?

It comes from my mum and my dad. My mum always told me I was going to be great even when I was a baby and I didn’t understand that. She wanted me to be prepared for life and prepare me for situations I may face.

Delayed gratification came from my father. My dad has always been somebody who is very humble. He’s experienced the ups and downs of life and wanted me to understand the importance of delayed gratification. There was a time where I felt like he didn’t want me to enjoy my youth but now I sit in my home and I understand everything he taught me. I’m very impatient but my dad has kept me disciplined in that way.

What saving tips would you give to young women reading this? I know women who have also worked since sixteen but saving can be trickier for others.

It’s about where you see yourself in the coming years. In today’s society, it’s all about what you look like but you have to remember that fashion and trends go out. You’ve spent money on something that you wouldn’t wear in a year.

I would advise young women to put themselves first. I don’t care about what other people are doing because I know what my goal is. I wanted to be very independent from a young age so I had to keep that focus.

I would never recommend someone to put all her income into saving. People need to view saving as giving to your future self. When you see your money rising, you feel good as your goals become tangible. It definitely comes with maturity. The desire you have to spend money on clothes and nice things pass. Saving for nothing is hard but having a goal will always work.

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What did you have to sacrifice in order to save a deposit?

  • Clothes
  • Bags and shoes (the hardest of them all!)
  • Social life:Of course after university everyone my age wanted to enjoy that freedom but I was determined to save. I love cocktails and food and I would do that every day if I could. At first, it was very hard but I had to just keep pushing and eventually I felt silly throwing money down the drain. I had to learn to cook more varied meals from home and even learnt to make cocktails at home too!
  • Friendships:Not everybody understood why and some people wouldn’t invite me out. Even till this day! Some people don’t understand why I chose to do certain things, I know we are young but I guess everyone’s priorities are different.

What is the toughest part (financially) of owning your own home?

The toughest part financially is honestly organising what money goes where each month. I’m making my house my own home now. I ask myself, “Do I buy this piece of furniture or do I wait until next month when I have a little bit more money behind me?” Mortgage, service charge, the gas bill, the electric and travel are part of my expenses now. So I ask myself if I should use this money to enjoy myself or do I buy more pots and pans?! So prioritising what I should do in what order is what I find difficult.

What is the best part of owning your own home?

Right now I’m in my bedroom. I can see trees and the sun shining through my window. The furniture is where I want it to be, cooking in the kitchen is great because it’s my kitchen but the best part of owning my own home is definitely the freedom to do what I please and knowing I put myself in this position. It’s one of the most rewarding things anyone can do for themselves.

How do you think we as women can take more risk in investing in our futures?

I think it all starts from home. For a lot of females our age, they are not necessarily encouraged in certain areas of life. They aren’t encouraged to have their own house but they are encouraged to get married and then have a house.

I also think that we need to change certain stereotypes. We always want to be safe as women. If we step out of line, we receive backlash. If we like certain things, we are labelled this and that. We take those labels and we stop taking risks. We need to empower young females and provide them with the right examples; which in-turn will eventually become their norm.

You mentioned that it all starts from home. What do you suggest to women who didn’t have the same support growing up?

It’s definitely harder, but I also think it’s about realising your potential then deciding how much you want it. I would be inquisitive and ask why can’t I have that. You need to see what you really want and go and get it. It’s amazing to say, “No one showed me how to do this but I challenged myself and did it anyway.” Everyone can do it but everyone has a different starting point.

Take every experience both positive and negative let them be your fuel to keep pressing towards your goals.

More information can be found on Jade on her YouTube channel and her Twitter page.


This interview was conducted and edited by Bola

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