7 Ways To Stay On Top Of Your Emails

Initially, when you created your email, it wasn’t as complicated and there may have been less clutter. Now, email has become part of our daily lives and is a key way to communicate. Too many emails can cause your workload to feel overbearing however with these efficient tips you should be able to work in a more efficient manner.

Prioritise & categorize

Add more tabs, labels, and filters to your inbox so that your email will automatically filter the messages that are of a lower priority. It’s easy to get distracted when you start reading emails so try to categorize them in terms of actions. You can develop your own category based on your needs, for example:

1-Do: take action and reply them now;  2-Delegate: Pass them to a more relevant professional
3-Defer: Revisit the email later; 4-Delete: Unnecessary; 5-File: No action required but you think you might need the information later

Use keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts and the inbox buttons will save you time. For example, you do not have to open all emails but just open one and then iterate with the next button on inbox. Moreover, you can create keyboard shortcuts for any menu item with your software package (i.e. Check under  | System Preferences | Keyboard & Mouse | Keyboard Shortcuts).


Inbox space is precious, whether you are using a personal device or you are using a computer. There are so many emails we receive that we know we can delete before opening it. To stay orderly, you should empty your inbox regularly whether it is daily or weekly in order to keep management control of your inbox.

Automatic replies

If you are using the same reply on a frequent basis, try to come up with a template. You can create a relevant list of frequent replies/FAQS that you can copy and paste easily which makes replying faster and efficient. If your emails are usually in regards to new opportunities it may be worth setting up an automatic reply to inform those that enquire that you will reply within 3-5 working days.

Well-defined subject lines

If there is clarity on what the email is about through the subject line, it can help others process how to respond and it keeps the agenda of the email concise.


Out of office setting

When you are out of the office or simply unavailable for a certain period of time, it is essential that you set your automatic reply to the Out Of Office message so that recipients will be aware that their responses will be delayed. This is vital whether you work for yourself or you work for a company. Creating this setting will stop you from receiving duplicate emails in addition to creating a reputation that you aren’t efficient with written communication.


Unsubscribe from any malfunctioning mail list, newsletter or distracting or cluttering emails that aren’t part of your current focus. If you change your mind, you can always subscribe later on!

This post was written by Kiako.

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