How To Challenge Your Fears And Accomplish Your Goals

Fear is an unpleasant emotion and a state of mind; that can keep you from achieving small to large goals. Challenging your fears within your career so you can achieve your short or long term goals can be scary, but it is possible. When you want to progress in your career, but find yourself being held back because of your fears, it is then time to challenge them.

How to challenge your fears

Write a list of your fears

Sometimes putting your fears on paper can be manageable, rather than when they are just in your head. From there, you can then proceed to discovering strategies to overcome them. After you’ve written your fears, proceed to write your career goals. This is where you can make connections between your fears and the goals you’ve set and see what can be potentially done.

Lets say you want to proceed into a management role in marketing, but the role requires a lot public speaking and you are terrified of speaking publicly. You could challenge this fear by taking public speaking classes or making a sub goal to take every speaking opportunity that arises.

Analyse your fears

After writing down your fears, begin to analyse them. This can help you to figure out why you are afraid. For example, you may be fearful of not being promoted to managerial position because you’re afraid of rejection. Once you begin to analyse your fear, you have the capability to get to the root cause of the fear.

Execute your fear

After you’ve analysed your fears, it’s time to execute your fears – it’s necessary if you want to get past your fears. Going back to our example about wanting to proceed into management but being afraid of public speaking. In order to execute this fear, you could do this by giving mini speeches in the staff room or in small staff meetings to start.

When you start pushing yourself beyond limitations, you’ll perhaps see opened doors. Fears are simply internal negative thoughts that can stop you from achieving your career goals.

How to accomplish your career goals

Assess where you are currently are, in terms of your career

Assessment is a useful tool to discovering where you currently are within your career. To start off, you can ask yourself questions such as:

  • Have I learnt any new skills this year?
  • What am I most proud of this year; personally and professionally.
  • Did I receive any awards this year?
  • Did I take on additional responsibility this year? If I did, then what exactly?

This can be recorded in a word document, a journal or on apps such as Evernote or Notes. Take your time to record your accomplishment, big or small, as it will most definitely make a difference. After you’ve assessed your career goals, it’s time to seek out opportunities that will improve and progress your career further.

Think about what your goals are

After you’ve assessed and sought out opportunities for the progression of your career, it is then time articulate your goals. What exactly do you want? Spend a good hour or so critically thinking about what your goals are, and this can be for short term and long term goals. Be mindful and realistic about how many goals you want to achieve, as you don’t want to overwhelm yourself.

In order to articulate your goals, use the S.M.A.R.T. goal system to articulate your goals. For example, let’s image that you want to go into a management position but have no prior knowledge of how to manage a team. Your goal might be: ‘By March 1st 2017, I will be working in a supervisor position in a small to medium size marketing company’.

Make individual steps on how you will achieve your goals

After critically thinking and writing down your goals, you need to write down steps on how you will make your goals happen. Creating steps can save time, brain power and can increase your productivity. By creating steps, you will be able to reach your goals faster.

This post was written by Freda.

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