“I Quit My Job To Travel The World”

It was really exciting to read your post about deciding to leave your job to go travelling. Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

First of all thanks for the read… I hope you were inspired! Sure thing! Hence the blog name ‘MoveWithDoyin my name is Doyin. I’m a 24-year-old Londoner who adores being both British and Nigerian.

I studied Economics at the University of Leicester and attribute obtaining a first to my “grab every good opportunity” approach. This approach to life is somewhat responsible for my “rebellion” against the standard 3-year university degree I initially signed up for. Instead, I decided (pretty last minute) to go on a study abroad program in Vancouver Canada for my penultimate year which I do not regret one bit!

After graduating I went on a 3-month government scholarship programme to Shanghai where I worked as a summer analyst for an international financial services firm. On my return, I knew I did not want to go on a graduate scheme so I contracted for a major corporate and commercial bank in order to gain more experience, but most importantly, for reassurance that I was actually passionate about pursuing a career in that industry.

Still unsure of my next career move (the uncertainty still remains) I was headhunted to work for an investment management firm in the city of London where I spent almost 2 years as a Fund Financial Associate. I initially accepted the offer due to the foreign nature of the industry as well as the countless opportunities to develop professionally. However, some good things come to an end in order to make room for greater things and as you mentioned above I decided to leave that oh so amazing job to embark on a journey in the travel industry. Whether my job role will be becoming a Travel Writer or Travel Consultant is still unknown but I’m super excited to take a step that is completely out of my comfort zone.
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How has your professional work impacted on your personal life?

Rather than the day to day analytical duties of my previous roles the world of work has actually taught me about life outside my own world. It’s the only place apart from my time at university where I have come across individuals from different backgrounds with varied ideologies and life experiences. Through my professional experience, my mind has been opened far more than I have been socialised or educated to think.

The simple exchange of ideas and personal experiences by the photocopy machine, the appreciation of the diversity of thought and the relationships built – that’s what I’ll take away from the office! So I think my premature experience in the world of work has actually highlighted what’s important to me which is based on the covert experiences learnt in the office such as time management, relationship building, public speaking, creative thinking – rather than number crunching and Excel spreadsheets.

I think I’ve become more receptive to the fact that work is not the ultimate goal. It can certainly be an avenue to reaching one’s goal but I believe purpose overrules, so I try to focus on that both personally and professionally.


In your post, you mentioned that you didn’t have much in savings but you’ve still chosen to take the plunge and go travelling, where does your mindset on living come from?

This mindset comes from my mother! She’s a super advocate for utilising opportunity especially in a world where opportunity can be scarce. She’s an undercover supporter of the motto You Only Live Once. If I feel like the right opportunity has presented itself, at the right time, after some thought and foresight, I decided to make my next move!

Mindset and perspective definitely come from personal experience so it can be hard to shift. This is why I believe one’s network (friends, family, acquaintances) is so important. Your network may not be able to change your perspective but through their personal stories, successes and failures (let’s never forget failures, we all fail) you are inevitably exposed to life’s variety. An issue with our generation – a people issue actually – is closed mindedness. I’ve tried to adopt an open mindset that does not remain static. I allow the people I meet, the books I read, my all rounded life experiences and my spiritual growth to reflect my state of mind. As I progress through life and develop I expect my way of thinking to do the same.

If I was not a Christian I would call myself crazy but having this travel opportunity and not embracing it would not have made much sense, after all, I did pray for the boldness to fully run with my passion. I’m a sucker for a cliche Pinterest quote and this one sums up my mindset:


Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t have to escape from


How do you prepare your finances for your travelling trips?

This is one of the most common questions I get in regards to my lifestyle. I really do wish I can say “It’s all about saving”, “I’m so big on saving”, “Save, save, save!” but this is why God blesses us with people like you for creating this website!

I’ve never been great at saving but I’m big on prioritising!! I’ll go without the latest iPhone, walk right passed the high street Christmas sales and minimise clothes shopping in order to use my monthly wages solely on travels (minus bills etc). Something I wish I did more of while working in the city is buying and reselling (folks make a killing by doing this part time). For example, I purchased a few festival tickets in June and managed to fund my whole trip to Iceland by reselling the tickets in December. I found this to be a pretty good saving mechanism, especially with the banks paying out really low-interest rates nowadays. I’ll give first place to prioritising on this one but I’m working on putting saving in joint first, hopefully with the help of Refined Currency!


You always find incredible travelling deals online. Would you be willing to give us any tips on how to find great deals?

It’s a secret *laughs*. I kid, you know I can go on for hours on this one but SkyscannerGoogle Flights, Momondo and KAYAK are your best mates! These flight/holiday comparison sites provide quick, easy and clear cut information of the cheapest deals/times/days/destinations to travel. A trick of mine is to search “everywhere” as the arrival destination on these websites, with this you’ll get a list of the cheapest destinations to travel to in a given month.

It’s all about shopping around really. In my downtime, I just scan through comparison sites searching for deals. Understanding peak travel times is also crucial to securing cheap deals. When demand is low the price of travel tends to be low! I try to avoid school holiday seasons and weekends so it’s better to fly on a Thursday rather than a Friday! Signing up for airline alerts gives me first dibs on flight deals also. I actually set up a cheap flight email alert service so if you’re interested then do send over an email to my address below.

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How can we keep in touch with you and your journey?

The Blog: MoveWithDoyin

FB, Instagram & Twitter: @MoveWithDoyin

Snapchat: MsDoySogz

Email: MoveWithDoyin@gmail.com – I love answering personal travel questions via email so I encourage readers to not be shy!


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This interview was conducted and edited by Bola

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