How To Turn Your Blog Into A Business

Starting Refined Currency came from noticing how little knowledge was available when it came to understanding our money matters. This website has been built on the foundation of being jargon-free from financial terms in order to make your personal finances feel more personal.

The key to starting a blog is figuring out what you would like to write about. The best way to know the answer to this question is to think about your response if someone asked you what your blog is about. From mental health to economics to fashion, writing about something you’re interested in, is what will help your blog grow. Following on from there, it’s important to think about how you’ll write best. Can you work from home or would you prefer to go to a coffee shop or the library?


Web Hosting & Domains

Web hosting is where people store their websites. It’s similar to a house because you host all your documents, images and videos in a web host. While it is possible to use platforms for free to host your blog, self-hosting your blog can give your website a sense of professionalism. Self-hosting also means you can have your own domain such as whereas a free host may appear in the format of Further benefits include you deciding if you want to display adverts on your website, you may have the option of having your own formal email address in association with your website and you are in charge of the style and functionality of the website.

Refined Currency currently uses One Host with their professional package. Our package is usually paid for yearly instead of monthly as it works out to be less expensive.

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A Theme

Choosing a theme for your website shows the style you want to portray on your blog. A theme we currently use on WordPress is Activello. There are many free themes available to choose from, however, the benefit of a paid theme comes from the quality and functionality so if you don’t have any knowledge of HTML, CSS or PSP then a paid theme may work better for you.


Content Creation – It all starts with words

To have consistency with your blog content, you should have an idea of the topics you would like to discuss openly with your audience. You need to be passionate about the topics to generate interest from people and allow your platform to grow. Examples of topics you may write about can include personal finance, fitness and wellbeing, fashion and so forth.

Brainstorm ideas and allocate time to write either in bulk or intermittently. If you are able to write in bulk this will allow you to schedule posts, however, this is not compulsory for every blog. This is dependent on the content of your blog and demand for content from your audience. Buy yourself a notebook, this will help your productivity. Jot down all your content ideas. Create mood boards for content themes – get excited, this is the start of something great.


Social Media – Find your audience

Now it’s time to promote your blog. The best route of blog promotion is the open up your social media accounts. If you already have Twitter or Instagram this is a great place to start. Make your profiles public, as this will allow you to increase your audience reach. If you require further insight and advice on how you can manage your social media effectively, stay tuned as this is something we care about.

At Refined Currency, we’re active on Twitter, FacebookSnapchat and Pinterest at present. However, as we’ve grown our following we’re ready to take it a step further. There are so many ways to reach your audience, once again this will depend on your blog’s genre. Pinterest is a great tool for visuals and sharing content. If you plan on being vocal, you can always link YouTube or Snapchat as a useful social media tool for your blog business.

Another way of targeting your audience is to implement a newsletter to your blog site. Once you have a following of at least 100 people minimum a newsletter is the best way for your audience to stay up to date with your blog. Useful sites you can access for newsletter creation is MailChimp, FreshMail or Mailer. You can manage your contacts through this, and create beautiful seamless newsletter designs to email your audience on a regular basis.

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Making money from your blog

Not everyone blogs to make money but blogging can be a great opportunity to increase both passive and active income. Many bloggers reach a point where they are able to rely on the income produced by their blog all year round. Starting a blog is the easy part but monetising your content requires some work and you can be well on your way. There are different streams that you can get income from but it’s important that whatever method(s) you pick work well with the topic, niche and theme of your blog. It is also important to remember to use the method(s) chosen to help your audience.

  • Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing is increasingly becoming a very profitable and popular technique bloggers use. It is an arrangement where an online company pays another company to direct people to their site to buy their products. The latter company then finds ways to make that work easier by using affiliate programs. Sign up to these affiliate programs, get affiliate links and you can earn some commission every time a person clicks through and buys a product. Remember that affiliate marketing is a type of business and rewards will be reaped with time and effort.
  • Adverts –  Repeat after me. Adverts are not evil. No one likes to be bombarded with useless and irrelevant adverts. However, there are ways to make adverts work for you by using them to your advantage. With programs like Google AdSense, you can have complete control over adverts you put on your blog. This allows you to direct viewers to services or items that fit the topics of your blog. If your website is all about eating well and staying healthy, it would only make sense to have adverts with a similar rhetoric. Hence, helping them and making money in the process. You earn money every time an advert is displayed and/or clicked on by your viewers.
  • Reviews – This is a simple way to make money. There are so many times I’ve browsed the internet looking for a review of a particular item or service or app and there’s nothing out there. If you’re clueless, there are many others bound to be and your perspective matters. There are two ways to monetise reviews:
    • Affiliate marketing: If there’s an affiliate program for what you’re reviewing use it. However, don’t write the review just to use the affiliate link, it will be less organic.
    • Paid reviews and sponsored posts: Once your blog is up and running with some blog traffic coming through, companies may contact you to write an article about their product or service. The good thing is that you can give an honest opinion and still get paid. If it’s a product they want reviewing, they may send you it for free. Ker-ching!


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