An Interview With Leomie Anderson

From Victoria’s Secret to Yeezy Season, she is taking the Fashion world by storm. It only felt right that we interviewed her, to gain further insight into her progression as a model and female entrepreneur.


Please tell our readers a bit about yourself

My name is Leomie Anderson, I am 24 years old and currently reside between South London and New York!


Can you tell us your motivation behind ‘LAPP the brand’

I was inspired to create LAPP when a post I wrote on my personal blog about consent and the pressures young girls are under to send explicit images went viral – I started to realise how powerful the internet could be for sending messages. I was given the opportunity to speak at an all girls school and these girls explained that if they didn’t have an older sister or cousin, they didn’t have anywhere to go for honest information on things such as sex, relationships, sexuality etc. I wanted to create a safe space on the internet for women of all ages to be able to connect with other women all over the world.


You started your modelling career at a young age, how did you stay focused?

I guess I always knew that modelling was a very volatile industry, but education was something that would last. I have an amazing network of friends and family who kept me grounded through the early stages (and still now) of my career.


Who is your biggest influence and why?

My mum really inspires me to keep working hard because I want to be able to change her life completely, she has always encouraged me to be free and do what I want to do so I want to be able to give her that freedom too.


How do you keep on top of your finances?

Oh I’m terrible, honestly!  Like I still don’t understand how to wrap my head around being self employed and we as models aren’t taught either. It’s the bane of many models lives because, in a lot of cases, we are the first ones in our family to be earning considerable amounts of money from being self employed so there usually isn’t anyone close to us who can advise us that well… It’s a learning process and every year I get a tiny bit better.


Can you share a money lesson with us, good or bad?

Well for models I would say, when you start getting big cheques just erase half of the income that you see in your account; just forget it exists! Make sure you save a good chunk when you get paid as taxes are a joke.


Do you think that our generation is knowledgeable of money management?

I don’t think we are at all because no one is teaching us. In this generation, we have the capability to make a lot of money from a much younger age thanks to the internet and I feel like money management needs to be taught from primary or secondary school to accommodate this.


What are you looking forward to most this year, and what should we look out for?

I’m really looking forward to releasing the next two LAPP clothing collections, I’m really taking my time with it as I want to take the whole brand to the next level. I’m also going to be doing more public speaking events, I just want to connect with as many women as possible and try my best to spread positive messages.


What advice can you give to young women reading this?

I just want every young woman out there to know that they have the ability to change the world, we are important and we are valid.


A big thank you to Leomie for her contributions to Refined Currency, we wish her all the best with modelling and LAPP.

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This interview was conducted and edited by Melisa

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