6 Ways To Make Money

While January may have started well with affirmations for our finances, keeping these affirmations can remain a struggle half way through the year. As the summer months begin to creep in for students, the student loan may be beginning to decrease and your bank account may start to run dry.

Having a job that pays well enough can be hard to find as a student. Employers are searching for ‘experienced’ individuals with multiple qualifications, but you haven’t got half of what is required. Whether you have just graduated and are looking to pay off some student debt, fed up with not having a job or just not happy in the place you’re in, these methods can be implemented by anyone, student or not. Whether you pursue this as a side hustle or a full-time job, here are 6 ways to make money this summer.


Blogging has become one of the most popular methods of creating additional income in the past few years. This new industry has allowed many to change their lives from the comfort of their homes by doing something that they love and have knowledge on. It is easy to start and can be inexpensive depending on the platform you use. WordPress is the most recommended blogging platform for beginners compared many others. You can host your blog through One.com. For less than £5 a month, you can register your domain, host your blog and gain some income through advertisements, affiliate marketing as well as sponsorships. However, a surplus of income may not come straight away as blogging takes time. Blogging requires a lot of work. It involves coming up with posts for your readers, marketing it and directing traffic to it, creating a relationship with your readers and so much more. If you are prepared to do this you can be well on your way to making money blogging.

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Starting A Course

If you are an expert in a certain field then teaching others what you know can be an alternative to blogging can be creating an online course. They are becoming increasingly popular right now. Teachable is a great website where you can create and sell your course to those who want to learn. It can be used for anything from makeup to starting a business. Know your niche then start a useful course for others to pay and learn from you.

Selling An Ebook

Just like a blog or creating a course, you can create your own Ebook and sell it on amazon. Ebooks can be a great source of income if you do it right. It can take a while to start and to create but there are many websites and videos on how to make a profitable E-book without previous experience. However, the key requirement would be for you to have the knowledge and understaning of what you will be teaching others. You can write about a variety of things and in a  variety of genres. It’s a perfect way for those with a love of writing and education.

Selling Your Second-Hand Goods

Many of you have things in your home that you haven’t used for months, maybe even years. As summer is approaching, you can use this as an excuse for a good clear out and make some cash in the process. This can be done through Ebay, Amazon, Depop or even Gumtree, the list is endless.

A great way to attract buyers would be to take quality pictures of the products you’re selling. An expensive camera is not needed and this can be done on your mobile phone. Take nice and clear photos with nothing distracting in the background. Make sure that the item is in good enough condition to sell it and if it is in a used condition give the buyer a full description of its flaws and price it reasonably. Once you have done this, you can get to selling.


If you can take great quality photographs, you can sell them as stock photos or even start a small business by taking images for people. For example, photography for makeup artists, weddings, bloggers or even taking pictures for a family photo shoot. This is a great way to use your skill to create a portfolio and make some money on the side.

Social Media

Social media has blown up over the last years. A significant amount of individuals are using it as a way to showcase their interests, especially through Instagram. As there are so many different platforms, you are not limited to what you can do.

Here are a few ideas that you can post about;

  • Nature
  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Fitness
  • Studying

The lists is endless. You can create an Instagram page for free and start to gain followers, create a business and maybe get paid through sponsorships.

These ways can help you make some money but just like everything else, it takes time and patience. Know your niche and be committed to starting and you will see a difference.


This post was written by Linsey

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