Why You Should Read ‘She Means Business’ by Carrie Green

Carrie Green is the founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association. She has launched a digital magazine called This Girl Means Business and she empowers women all over the world to follow their dreams and to reach their goals. Her content is on entrepreneurship, business start-up and she talks with various female entrepreneurs.

I was so in love with her content that I bought her book. It was so relatable, useful and easy to understand. The book starts off with Carrie’s journey from a Law student to becoming an entrepreneur and business owner. This read will be great anyone aspiring to own their own business one day and the advice and tips she gave was very beneficial. It’s so powerful in the way that it moves us out of our fears and helps us see what we can achieve. Her honesty and practicality definitely made this book a success. Here are 4 main reasons why this should be your next read.

She is not the average feminist

Carrie is like most of us; she is young and she started her business from nothing. She has reached thousands of women worldwide from every background and has empowered them to grow and create a support group through one another. You would agree that it is important for all women to support each other. It is great that Carrie shows this through her book as she gives many stories and encourages us to not only believe in ourselves but to show so love to others going through the same thing.

Daily encouragement

The book has affirmations and encouragement woven throughout the book. Before each chapter, she has a nice quote and she bases her section on that quote. It acts like a preview of what’s to come. Carrie is full of words of encouragement and affirmations and this is how she advises her readers to be. This characteristic has helped her grow her business and reach out to others. She encourages her readers to reach for their dreams no matter what and to not put ourselves down when things go left.

Buy a copy of ‘She Means Business’ here

Complete clarity

The book offers easy ways to create clear business plans and vision boards to clear your mind from clutter. Her methods are great because it’s getting the mess and confusion out of your head and onto a page. It does not need to be specifically for a business but you can do it with your personal life and development. An example of this can be journaling, it helps deal with stress and feeling overwhelmed with life. She also gives strategies to help make our plans a success.

Are you up for a challenge?

At the end of her book, Carrie pushes her readers to take action and make steps towards our dreams through a 28-day challenge. It’s a collection of the chapters in the book and they are put into one challenge. Within it, she has given free resources and tips on how you can accomplish your goals with complete clarity.

Are you ready to achieve your goals for the rest of the year? If you doubt what you can achieve, then you should definitely get this book. It will motivate you and prepare you for what you have ahead. There are now many opportunities for women in today’s society. All you have to do is reach out and grab them. This book really helped me change my mindset and grow; it can do the same for you. If you feel stagnant or unable to move forward with your business or goals then this is the perfect book to motivate you to get to the next step.


Buy a copy of ‘She Means Business’ here

This post was written by Linsey

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