Why You Should Get Your Travel Money From The Post Office

If you are going on holiday abroad, and are looking to exchange currency, ordering it online from your local post office could be of great use and with over 70 currencies and 0% commission, you only need a minimum of £400 to a maximum of £2,500 to order it online and you receive a better rate when you order more.

You can get your order even faster and without stepping foot inside the post office when you order online before 3 pm. You can pick it up from your local post office the next day or with their click & collect service you can pick up your money two hours after you order, saving you time and money. So if you left it last minute there is still a chance for you to convert your money.

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If you are unable to go to your post office, they can also deliver to your home for free for orders over £500 and for orders under £500 there is a delivery charge of £4.99. When you place your order before 3 pm between Monday and Friday, it will arrive the next working day. Even though the post office is closed most Saturdays, you can get you money delivered to you on a Saturday for a small fee of £1.50. That is much better than waiting in line at the airport to exchange your money and being charged with a large fee.

All you need to bring is a photo ID like your passport or driving license (UK) along with the debit or credit card that was used to purchase the order. It must be the individual who placed the order who can collect it from the post office. It reduces your time in the queue and waiting for your money. It’s that simple.

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Ordering your money online can be faster and easier than going in-store. Furthermore, the more money you buy the better rate you acquire on money ordered.

When comparing it to exchanging your money at a bank, it is definitely cheaper as banks have transfer fees and high exchange rates which could give you less money.

You can also transfer your holiday money onto a Post Office Travel Card. It is a safer and more convenient way to carry your money while on holiday and it reduces any risk of identity theft while abroad. The card is available to use in 13 different countries and at over 36 million stores, restaurants and bars. The Post Office Travel Card can be picked up at your local post office or you can order it online. It easy to top up online or through the Post Office app. Individuals must be over 18 years old to apply for a card.


Using these Post Office offers is very convenient and will have you worrying less about your money on holiday. It is definitely something to look into and use. Find out more here.

This post was written by Linsey

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