What is fleet insurance and do you need it?

If your business relies on its workers’ routine use of various cars, bikes and vans that comprise an entire fleet, then this can pose problems regarding insurance. Motor insurance is legally necessary for driving any vehicle on UK roads, the GOV.UK website makes clear. However, insuring even just one vehicle, let alone a whole fleet, can be expensive and arduous for a business.

This begins shedding light on why, if your company has a fleet of vehicles to insure, it should seriously consider taking out fleet insurance, to which we provide an introduction below.

You’ve got the fleet, let’s save lots of money

With fleet insurance, you would be covering multiple vehicles under one policy. Better still, this policy would enable you to make big savings on insurance – because, with each additional vehicle that comes under the policy, the lower the insurance’s per-vehicle cost.

This certainly shouldn’t be overlooked, given how crucial it is for a business to save money where it can, and so produce a healthier-looking bottom line. In fact, the savings you make here could even be vital to your company’s sustenance and long-term growth.

Organising your insurance can be much easier

However, even if we overlook the financial merits, putting all of those vehicles under a single policy can also ease your corporate administration. That policy will come from just one insurer; therefore, you will have just one point of contact.

If the different vehicles were insured under separate policies and by different insurers, this could result in a frankly daunting amount of paperwork to have to keep on top of. You would also have to keep account of different renewal dates and repayments. This wouldn’t be the case with having everything covered by one policy, which you could renew just once a year.

This policy could also be set up to let any of your company’s drivers use any of the covered vehicles. This is especially beneficial for taxi, delivery and similar companies, where each of their drivers might daily use a different vehicle. Furthermore, if a vehicle breaks down, the driver who typically uses it could simply switch to another of the fleet’s vehicles without adverse insurance implications.

Taking out a great policy doesn’t have to be tricky

It’s clear, then, that fleet insurance could help your company to significantly unravel monetary and administrative tangles. In fact, the streamlining that this insurance brings to your corporate operations could even extend to the manner in which you look for the insurance policy.

Your business might have little time to spend comparing quotes from different insurers. However, despite how time-strapped you might be, it would still be desirable for your firm to source the policy that would deliver the best return for the money.

Fortunately, that policy could be time-effectively obtained through the broker Be Wiser Business Insurance. This company can, on your behalf, compare quotes before giving you a quote for business fleet insurance. That insurance would also enable your drivers to take the fleet elsewhere in Europe.