5 Books To Empower You For International Women’s Day

This week Thursday marks International Women’s Day. To celebrate this, the Refined Currency team has collated a list of 5 game-changing and provocative books.

This list includes books full of triumphs and struggles, written by women telling their own stories on their own terms. They speak on empowerment, equality and feminism. Whether young or old, fresh into university or 15 years into your career, just coming of age or stable with two and a half kids, these books will engage and inspire you to take up your own story and build with gusto.

lean in, international women's day1. Lean In 
(Women, Work and The Will to Lead) – Sheryl Sandberg

Sandberg speaks candidly about inequality in the workplace. An influential read for working women everywhere striving for career satisfaction. Despite the progress women have made, men still hold the vast majority of leadership roles. Sandberg provides practical steps in combining both professional achievement and personal fulfilment at home and in the workplace. A well written, insightful read from a fellow woman raising both the ceiling and the floor.

2. We Should All Be Feminists – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichiewe should all be feminists, international women's day

This is a personal, poignant and powerful read from bestselling author, Adichie, who draws extensively from her personal experience and understanding of the realities of feminism. She offers readers a 21st century definition of ‘feminism’ in this short adaptation of her TED talk of the same name. Adichie is witty, humorous and argues eloquently in this exploration of what it means to be a feminist and the sexual politics of today’s society. She sounded a call to arms and we are here for it.

she means business, international women's day3. This Girl Means Business – Carrie Green

A relatable and easy to understand read by Green. As the founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, Carrie Green knows how to inspire women to thrive in business. The book provides an insight into Green’s journey from studying Law at university to launching two businesses. We loved the valuable lessons, affirmations and words of encouragement woven throughout the book. Green also provides clear and easy ways to create effective business plans and vision boards to clear the clutter and help you get down to business. For those not looking to start a business, there are valuable tips to apply to all areas of life. It’s honest, it’s practical and it’s the compelling read that pushes you to take action.

4. Dear Female Founder (66 Letters of Advice from women entrepreneurs who have made $1 billion in revenue) – Lu Lidear female founder, international women's day

In the last decade, it has become desirable to pursue entrepreneurship as a career path. Social media is strewn with posts about young people finding riches out of anything and everything. Starting a business can be overwhelming and it can be easy to become drowned in the dos and don’ts that you’re not able to take the first step. Dear Female Founder is an inspiring and deeply personal read written by 66 diverse female entrepreneurs, filled with practical advice and encouragements, compiled by the CEO and founder of Blooming Founders. These women have experienced every setback and every milestone, putting them in a position to use their experiences to motivate the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

the defining decade, international women's day5. The Defining Decade (Why Your Twenties Matter and How to Make the Most of Them Now) – Meg Jay

For our 20-something-year-old readers, The Defining Decade is a provoking read that provides the necessary tools to make the most of your twenties. Jay, a clinical psychologist, argues that we shouldn’t be so quick to get caught up in the hype of our twenties and strive to use this decade to build sustainable relationships with those around us. A smart and constructive read about the years you can’t afford to let slip by.


Have you read any of these, are they on your to-read list? Let us know!

This list of provocative and compelling books was collated by the Refined Currency team. This post was written by Joy

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