How Stay at Home Moms Makes Money

It has become more and more difficult for moms to stay at home with dad as the breadwinner because the cost of living has far surpassed a rise in wages. With that being said, some families still try to keep mom at home, at least until the babies start school in kindergarten. While raising little ones is stressful enough, there may come a time when mom decides an extra income couldn’t hurt. But, how can you work at home without adding undue pressure on yourself and the family? Here are some interesting ideas you might not have thought of.


If there is one thing most stay-at-home moms learn to do well it would be cooking and baking. Not only do home cooked or baked foods cost less to prepare than even those reportedly cheap fast food meals, but moms have fun baking! It can become a hands-on learning experience for little people who love to get their hands dirty – literally as well as figuratively. Have you found those few baked goods that you’ve perfected? Why not bake up a storm and sell your goods on Facebook in a local group you belong to? Other moms who work outside the home would stop just short of killing to get their hands on home-baked goods for their kids.


Okay, check this out! Did you ever think you could get paid to chat? Well, with a totally new and innovative app from Callmart, you can do just that! Maybe you speak another language and can chat with people from your cellphone to help translate something they are working on. All it takes is a cellphone, the Callmart app, and an ability to converse with others in one or more languages. This works great for those stay-at-home moms who can tutor kids who are here as exchange students, translate documents for local companies or even give tips and advice to newcomers from foreign lands. List your languages/services, set a price, and wait.  This is one cool app to earn money by doing what you do best, and that would be talking!


If you want to make money online, you are no longer limited to blogging. Did you know just how easy it is to set up a YouTube channel to begin vlogging? That would be video blogging if the term is new to you. It’s easy to monetize YouTube with those little ads you see at the bottom of the videos you watch. Not only can you make vlogs about anything that interests you, but you can also earn money with YouTube videos. The key is to increase your viewership because ads are paid per view and this is where you will earn your income stream. Increase your followers, get those views, and you’ll realize a tidy little profit month after month.

So, you see, there really are interesting ways to make a bit of extra cash while staying at home with the kids. All you need is a mobile phone, an app like Callmart, and a bit of time to talk. Doesn’t that sound like fun? See for yourself and get back to us with your success story – we’re that sure you’ll have one!